The Muir College Hostel is situated on the grounds of the school’s spacious campus. Operating Monday to Friday, the boys who live in the hostel have the advantage of being a stones throw away from all the sporting facilities that the school provides. These include several full-size sports fields, gym-hall, squash courts, tennis courts, swimming pool, basketball hoop and cricket nets. The boys are encouraged to make use of their opportunities, to be active and involved in the sporting life of Muir, and with guidance from the Hostel Master and several Duty Masters the boys have the advantage of having their talents recognized at an early stage.


The hostel boasts well-maintained grounds and accommodates 60-80 boys comfortably. Each room can house up to four boys with secure place to leave their belongings. Prefects in the hostel have the privilege of their own bathrooms in their rooms, while the remainder of the hostel shares 4 spacious ablution blocks that provide adequate privacy for each boy.


The Dining Hall is centrally situated in the hostel and the boys are provided with 3 nutritious meals daily. In the instance of boys potentially missing meals due to academic, cultural or sporting commitments, their food is kept warm for them until they are ready to eat it. A menu is provided of what the weekly meals will be so boys with allergies are able to be catered for. The Kitchen is run by two accomplished matrons (and their team of helpers) who also have a list of boys’ allergies, medical problems and other such information.


Academic work is nurtured every evening of the week that the boys stay in the hostel - this occurs during Prep. Prep is held in the Preparation Hall alongside the Dining Hall, and provides the boys with the time needed to do homework and assignments. A Duty Master is present throughout prep to assist the boys with any questions that they may have. Boys who continually prove themselves academically are given the privilege to study in private cubicles away from the Prep Room. Matrics are granted the privilege of studying in their dorms unless their behaviour or academic progress is below what is expected of them. Halfway during prep the boys are allowed to take a break where sandwiches are provided for those that are still hungry.


The boys also have access to a Recreation Room where they are allowed to watch television, play table tennis or make use of the pool table. In addition to the Rec. Room the hostel has its own enclosed swimming pool where the boys may relax during the summer months. Propositions in the budget for next year caters for the possibility of a fully equipped gym with machines and free weights to be built on campus and available to all the boys.


After all is said and done though, it is the convenience, camaraderie and fellowship which living in the hostel provides, that provides the appeal. Friendships that last a life-time are often a result of years spent together in the disciplined environment of a boarding school.



Physical Address


Sir Thomas Muir Drive

Vanes Estate




Postal Address


PO Box 231

Vanes Estate




Main Reception


Tel: 041 966 1147

Fax: 041 961 0187



- Mrs J. Trenerry



Email: - Mr R Stephenson


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National Secretary:Clayton du Plooy