Management Structures

Muir College has implemented management structures to ensure the school runs in an effective manner. The senior management team is responsible for the day to day management of the school.

The senior management team members are:

  • Mr. R Stephenson (Headmaster)
  • Mr. P Stevens (Deputy Headmaster)
  • Mr. D Francis (Deputy Headmaster)
  • Mr. E Trenerry (H.O.D. Primary Phase)
  • Mr. V. Raepsaet (H.O.D.)
  • Mrs. C. Evert (Primary Phase Representative)

Muir College has also implemented a planning committee. The planning committee members represent all the aspects of school life and make recommendations to the Senior management team to facilitate effective planning at the school.

The planning committee members are:

  • Mr. S. Elie (Transport Officer)
  • Mr. L. Gouws (Governing Body Representative)
  • Mrs. T. Henman (Head of Culture)
  • Mrs. H. Meyer (Senior School)
  • Mr. G. van Wyk (Head of Sport)