GIVING BACK 60 MINUTES:  Old boys whom, in some shape or form, can credit Muir College for their professional success, are sought to contribute an hour to share with Muir College senior learners and those from neighbouring schools, about their profession.  We need 160 old boys to be part of the Kariega Careers Symposium, hosted by the school as part of the bicentennial celebrations.

We need 20 speakers per hour to provide career guidance to learners about your own job.  If you are a fitness trainer, plumber, hairdresser, dancer, physio, nurse, doctor, engineer, drone pilot, cook, carer, lawyer, pilot, mechanic, farmer, salesman, accountant, in green energy, PR, or HR etc, etc, then our learners can gain so much from you.

Please volunteer for one hour on Wednesday 3 August between 8am and 1pm or Thursday 4 August between 8-10am and between 12 and 1 pm as we take education at Muir and in Kariega to the next level.  Linking learning and the job market is essential as learners transition from school to work.

With your support we can make the inaugural Kariega Careers Symposium a success.

Please click here to confirm a 60-minute slot.

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