Additional Reading: Shout Til The Rafters Ring

CHAPTER 20 Summary and excerpts from Pax Sellick's Pro Patria
CHAPTER 20 The Border War – background to a complex conflict
CHAPTER 20 The current test captain who played for Muir College
CHAPTER 20 The war that was never properly declared or concluded
CHAPTER 22 Visiting Mr Frank Malan in the early 1980s
CHAPTER 24 Further reminiscences of Ron Dugmore
CHAPTER 25 Resounding voices Community Singing at Muir College
CHAPTER 33 Paint Your Wagon the full text of Strohmans recollections about auditions the trials…
CHAPTER 37 Justin Jonas and South Africas participation in the international SKA project
CHAPTER 43 Thrilling chess encounters in the new millennium
CHAPTER 46 Snippets from The Muiral student newsletters
CHAPTER 47 Athletics in the new millennium
CHAPTER 47 Muir athletes excel in the 1970s and 1980s
CHAPTER 51 Grit, a great attitude and willingness
CHAPTER 51 Reflections on the state of Muir hockey by Roger Hart as it approached the end of a coaching era
CHAPTER 56 Giving Voice to Community Singing
CHAPTER 56 Muir swimming after the Richards era
CHAPTER 56 Seasons of success for Muir swimming a detailed account of achievements in the 1930s
CHAPTER 56 Swimmers in the scintillating sixties
CHAPTER 58 Rebuilding and winding down Water Polo 1990-2004
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