The Grade 7’s attended their annual outgoing camp at African Imprint in Kirkwood.
The camp was held over two days on the 17/08 to the 18/08.
An early departure from school allowed us to arrive at the camp site nice and early. Once the welcoming and formalities were done, the boys changed and got straight into the planned activities. Various stations were done simultaneously, which included canoeing, ziplining, an obstacle course and pioneering skills. The boys were well tested and they thoroughly enjoyed it. As the evening came, the boys needed to braai their own supper. They enjoyed the time around the fires with their friends and being with the boys around the braai. Our primary staff came to join us for the braai.
The evening ended with some night activities and then lights out.
Friday morning was an early start with breakfast and then the boys preparing for a morning hike. The hike itself was a definite challenge, with the boys supporting each other well and making it all the way through.
We arrived back at camp, packed and cleaned up, preparing to head home. We first had our final lunch and the boys seemed tired and ready to go home.
Overall, it was a lovely time at African Imprint. The boys definitely enjoyed their excursion and hopefully many memories were made over the two days.