We are a small, home-based, business providing a wide range of services for first-time and repeat authors in self-publishing their books since 2007. We format manuscripts, design covers, prepare print-ready text and cover files. Books can be put into world-wide distribution (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million) to over 30,000 outlets, or they can be printed for wholesale purchase by the author only. Books are print-on-demand (POD) and are bookstore quality. Genres may be virtually anything, from children’s books, genealogy, novels, coffee table, personal memoirs. etc. We typically publish 25 to 30 titles per year and charge US$45 per hour for our services. Copyright is held 100% by the author who also receives 100% of the royalties.

We operate Nationally and Internationally

Head Office

12056 Ridgeview Lane
+1 (720) 394-5646 (WhatsApp or text)

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