Below is an extract from Professor Winer on behalf of the Trustees of the Trevor Winer Scholarship.
“After a very rewarding and interesting process the Trustees of the Trevor Winer Scholarship are delighted to announce a winner of this year’s award for R40 000 a year towards university expenses for four years of study. The Scholarship was established in 2008 by Trevor Winer, a Muir College Old Boy who matriculated in 1955. Its purpose is to financially assist academically gifted students matriculating from Muir College to obtain a degree from a South African university who, due to personal and family financial circumstances, would have difficulty in doing so. As Muir boys have learned over the years this is not simply a merit based scholarship, but rather one that allows intellectual ability and hard work to flourish in the face of economic constraints.
This Scholarship is Trevor Winer’s gift to the boys of Muir College – in that way it is different from other awards and prizes that Muir awards. As we have done in the past the Trustees assess the top candidates through the interviews and their reports- the students own words and the students own marks. This year again we have had the enormous pleasure of speaking to the top five candidates for the award:
Eshaan Prag, Daniel Beckley, Matthan Slambee, Likhaya Loyiti, Lonwabiso Gaveni. Well done to these five exceptional young men!
And to the next five down the line, we saw your marks as well and congratulations to you as well for your hard work!
Our conversations with the candidates offered a tremendous insight into a truly exceptional school, into the power of brotherhood, how the strong urge to challenge oneself plays out, into the power of setting goals and dreaming big in the face of financial hardship, and particularly into to the role that teachers, upper classmen and peers have played in inspiring, mentoring and nudging these students towards taking this huge step into adulthood. Congratulations Muir! And congratulations candidates.
As Trustees this is a wonderful time of the year, when Trevor Winer is reminded of his academic journey and the places it took him. Enjoy the journey, all of you are well prepared.
The winner for this academic year is Likhaya Loyiti. Congratulations!”