Our main focus is on fitness and recovery. We specialize in a range of products that assist with speedy and active recovery for a diverse target market, from elite athletes to people of all ages wanting to look after their bodies and manage pain.

From bands that assist with muscle activation, stretching and strengthening, to foam rollers, massage sticks and massage balls that provide deep myofascial release, improve mobility and increase blood flow which aids recovery, we’ve got you covered.

All of our products are convenient and user friendly. We also make use of our social media platforms to educate our clients and demonstrate how to use our products to their full potential. We pride ourselves on enabling you through these platforms by creating demonstrative videos of our ambassadors using our recovery equipment. These videos allow us to help you by constantly upgrading and evolving exercises to challenge the human body as everyone has different needs.

We all know the feeling of a sore, stiff body after a good workout. This may sometimes limit you from pushing on into your next session and performing to your full potential. Our solution? Our Products of course . Not everyone has access to a gym or masseuse, our products allow clients to help themselves and provide that well needed recovery using our range of products.