Kirchmanns Incorporated

Kirchmanns Incorporated was founded in 2002 with a goal to create a firm with core values dedicated to client service, legal excellence and success. Our firm has become well established in the corporate and public sectors as a competent professional business partner proficient in the legal domain. Today our sought after firm has a national footprint with experienced attorneys who have contributed towards a well-earned reputation as a successful legal practice. We focus on our clients, their interests, reputations and financial wellbeing in every decision that is made. We don’t just litigate, but also assist our clients with high level executive consulting formulating corporate strategies and implementing operational executive decisions. While Employment Law is our most widely known area of expertise, our firm is equally accomplished in all other areas of law. Success depends on our understanding of complex issues and the proper management of cases. Our firm defies conventional thinking and is based on experience, creativity and intelligence to solve complex legal problems.