Video Gallery – 200 Year Videos

Wednesday 3 August 2022 to Monday 8 August 2022

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Short Programme

200 Year Nec Pluribus Impar

Through the Ages: 1900’s to 2020

Muir College Rugby Anthem

Video shown at the Teacher Event

Class of 1962 Message

Class of 1997 goes Old School

GOLF: Invitation

GOLF: Andrew Binning, OMU President

GOLF: Bill Stephens, Class of 1969 – the challenge is on

GOLF: Bilue Moolman, Class of 1997 – putting in some practice

GOLF: Buchule Sibaca, Class of 2009 – quite the golfer

GOLF: Clayton du Plooy, Class of 2005 – left handed golfer

GOLF: Craig Ross, Class of 2003 – man of passion and commitment

GOLF: Justin Brennan, Class of 1985 – great putt

GOLF: Kieran Lagan, Class of 1989 – all the way from USA

GOLF: Nic Bakker, Class of 2007 – the Professional Golfer

GOLF: Paula Ferreira, PTA Chair

GOLF: Rocky Headbush, Class of 2002 – great swing

GOLF: Ross Heynes, Class of 2008 – Happy Gillmore

GOLF: Ryan Truelove, Class of 1998 – The perfect shot?

GOLF: Tyrone Bayman, Class of 1983 – all the way from New Zealand

GOLF: Uitenhage Golf Course

GOLF: Wendy Knott-Craig, OMU Manager – how not to play golf

Remembrance Service Message

The Muir Boy Song

Remembrance Service

Founders’ Week Trophy launch

War Cry 1

War Cry 2

Muir College 200 Year Rugby Festival – Rugby Matches

Welcome to the Eastern Cape… Welcome Home

Water tanks being delivered – sponsored by various corporates in the Nelson Mandela Bay area to help alleviate water issues at Muir College

1822 Beer Tent & Entertainment

Rugby Promotional Video

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